The Story

Our goal is to help professionals advance their networking skills and grow as superconnectors.

As technology expands and reshapes our world, soft skills, i.e. people skills, have also increased in value and demand Meaning: yeah, ultimately robots may handle our annual dental cleaning, join us on dog walks to scoop the poop, and babysit our investment portfolios – maybe even babysit the littles – but the need (and desire) to connect with other humans for business (and pleasure) will remain. So, let’s strive to connect in a goodly, mutually beneficial, yet highly effective fashion.

It’s a mouthful of a modus operandi, but we believe all of that can coexist in reality as well as the same sentence.

At first, The Tell Me More Project sandboxed some ideas for networking and community by organizing events where superconnectors would feel at home, events that were unlike the typical transactional, impersonal blah-blah that we had experienced a hundred too many times.

During that same phase we had the opportunity to act as thought partners with some ambitious entrepreneurs. And, we discovered that we LOVED thought partnering. And, discovered – by way of feedback – that we have a knack for it.

Refreshed by these findings, we relaunched with a focus on thought partner gigs, customized one-on-one consulting situs, and events done in collaboration with like-minded companies or organizations.

To learn more about these services, please get in touch.

The Team

The Tell Me More Project is a collaboration between Cris Kristofits and Melissa Grossman who are like chalk and cheese when it comes to their networking styles. One is the queen of making connections in big spaces full of strangers. The other is at her best with smaller crowds in cozier settings. They see these differences as an advantage that benefits the different people they work with.