Why We Do What We Do

Our goal is to make it sublimely easy for professionals to connect with one another.

We also want to help them practice the small but mighty skills that superconnectors tap to their advantage, and we want to help them get more comfortable with the concept of networking in general.

It’s estimated that 70% of the job opportunities are “published” only by word of mouth – i.e. via networking – and are never listed elsewhere. But, finding work isn’t the only reason to cultivate your connections: a thriving hive of  professional contacts can enrich what you can accomplish in your personal life as well.

That being said, we get why people don’t like to network, maybe even shudder at the thought. Like many others in the professional world, too frequently we left networking events feeling a little pissed off that we spent precious time on something that was demotivating, deflating, or too transactional.

That’s why we are obsessed with providing a whole different experience that keeps the following front and center:

✻ The “feels” – feel relaxed, feel heard, feel camaraderie, feel encouraged, feel included, feel valued.

✻ Introduction shepherding – at our events, no one is going to be left standing solo in a corner nibbling on a cracker because you don’t know anyone. Unless you tell us in advance, we don’t wait to be asked to introduce you to others. Rather, we just do it.

✻ The motto – nice is a strategy and a strength.

✻ The attitude – for heaven’s sake, let’s have fun with this!