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The Tell Me More Project is a fresh take on networking for professionals. We create networking experiences where meaningful conversations thrive, the very conversations that are the secret sauce of superconnectors who value the human side of doing business.

We started this project because we are done with ho hum networking that involves {sigh} the awkward swap of business cards and {sigh} impersonal blah blah blah. What about you? Thought so.

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  • “I see networking with new eyes since seeing you in action – it’s about coming together to see how our networks can help each other grow! I’d never had that feeling with networking before. I’d only ever experienced uncomfortable, ungenuine, sales-type interactions / events, so I’m so glad to have gone to the Tell Me More event and seen your version of how it can be done! “
    Hazel Dempsey Testimonial
    Hazel Dempsey
    Freelance Digital Marketer
  • "Just wanted to thank you again for your help. We're now partners with three of our target organizations and about to meet with a fourth next week because of your help and advice. Thank you again! It was worth every penny and more!!"
    Josi Van Ogtrop Sambou Testimonial
    Josi Van Ogtrup-Sambou
    Founder and CEO
  • "Cris and Melissa are the most attentive workshop organisers I've ever met."

    Hannah Tufts
    Brand Strategist and Public Speaker

Networking Tip

How you show up when networking is not just a matter of appearances. Of course, you don’t want to stand out for the scuffs on your shoes or lipstick on your teeth. Yet, the spirit and the attitude that you project will always matter more. Be curious, kind, attentive and sincere with the people you meet: people don’t always remember what you say, BUT they remember how you made them feel. 

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